5 Reasons The Majority of Our Country Could Care Less About Violent Crimes

Columbia Mall Shooting

Columbia Mall Shooting


  1. An increase in active shooter incidents with no pressure being applied to our politicians by the citizenry
  2. Satisfaction with reduced murder rates rather than prevention and elimination of murders in communities across the country
  3. An attitude of sympathy that most always seems to shift from the victim to the perpetrator. This seems especially true when celebrities become involved in championing the release of individuals convicted of violent crimes rather than both the victims of crimes and those who have been falsely accused
  4. An attitude that directs billions of dollars on punishment with a fraction of these dollars being directed towards prevention
  5. Ignorance concerning crime stats and criminal activity in one’s own neighborhood

Could it be the constitution that gave this nation life is now beginning to choke us because it grows or changes too slowly?

Thank a first responder today!

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