Why Crime Pays!

Crime pays because of the lack of national and local prevention programs.

Crime pays because it does NOT pay to get involved to help solve crime. It is easier to look the other way and not be burdened with the responsibility of making a complaint, going to court, and getting involved in the process.

Crime pays because for the individuals who decide to take a risk to commit crimes they have a good chance of not being caught, and even if they are caught it may only result in a smack on the wrist. The idea that only five percent of individuals who get arrested ever make it to trial due to plea bargains and dismissals still stands today. While it may be true there has be a growing trend in the reduction of crime, this will never comfort an individual who personally experiences being a victim of crime.

Crime pays because when you are involved in crime you can get something for nothing, while letting someone else foot the bill.

Crime pays because law enforcement and the public seem to lack the resolve necessary to engage in open dialouge to share information to defeat criminals. Last but not least crime pays because it keeps prisons open and keeps prison officals and corrections officers employed.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to all individuals, police and civilians alike who are involved in the fight against crime.


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