A 2013 Thank You To Our Veterans!

The Gratitude Connection

ImageIt is so easy to revere professional athletes, movie stars, and other professional entertainers, who make tons of money and have so many possessions. From expensive cars to huge mansions, celebrities really seem to live the high life.

It is great this nation allows for such freedoms that make it possible to become wealthy by playing sports, acting in a movie, or recording music. However, somehow so many in our society have allowed these professions to become the object their affection. People will spend hundreds for a night out at the movies, with $10 movie tickets and the $11 popcorn combos. They will spend $75 or more for their favorite team jersey, and hundreds to attend a sporting event. And hundreds more are spent for tickets to attend music concerts to see a favorite artist. I remember a time (when I was a kid) during the 1970s when it cost…

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