What Would Happen If People Were Paid to Become Educated? – Thoughts

Kid in CuffsWhat would happen if we paid people to attend school and take classes instead of charging tuition? Suppose parents were fined when their children skipped class or cut school, and suppose individuals who chose not to take advantage of higher education forfeited income tax credits.

What would happen if we reallocated funds currently used for programs in prisons and correctional institutions to initiate a pay for education program for individuals outside of prison? What if we implemented this idea as a pilot program buy region or by time zone in the United States so we could evaluate whether or not it was doable, feasible, and effective?

What if after implementing such a program we were to reallocate money from social services, and the criminal justice system to education and hire more teachers, build more schools, and to pay students based on goals and learning objectives?

What if instead of waiting until a child protective services case was opened on a family due to an incident, all parents were required to take parenting classes and paid to attend such classes? What if by shifting the focus off of punishment onto prevention we were able to educate individuals and reduce gun, domestic, and other types of violence?

What if?????

Our educators deserve our gratitude for their efforts and the great results they obtain despite the severely limited resources they work with.

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