Today’s spot ……

It Is What It Is



This is where I am today … again!! 

Throughout these recent years of my life, my experience at work, as satisfying as my profession can be, wasn’t easy because I worked with “the system”. It was by repeating a series of phrases in my mind that I could make it through to the end …. to the day of my retirement.

“It is What is Is”, “Let it Go”, “Don’t fight it” and “Life is a series of unexpected events”. 

Today, I am in a spot where those phrases come back to mind to help me make it through the reality of my life.

“It is What is Is” ……. there’s no changing the reality. Life is what it is. There are options to making this reality better. These options are in front of me to chose how I will deal with my reality. You could say…

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  1. Dr. Rex says:

    TY for reblog!!! 🙂

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