Active Shooter Incidents

Something to think about… What a sad say at LAX.

The Gratitude Connection

If An Active Shooter Incident Occurred Where You Work or Go To School Would You Know What To Do To Survive?

Active shooter incidents are more common now than ever before. And while the odds are overwhelmingly in one’s favor to not ever be involved in such an incident, the fact of the matter is someone, somewhere, will be a victim of such an incident sooner than they know or think. The question is will he or she have the presence of mind to think on their feet and survive?

Have you and your family members received training on how to respond in the event of an active shooter situation at work or school? If not, perhaps this is an issue worth raising in light of the ever increasing number of these incidents.

Please discuss with the family members and loved ones.

Thank a first responder today!


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