Do Credentials Really Matter?

In this modern world of technology and free information, why on earth do credentials really matter? Do they matter? And if so: why?

Credentials help to assure that an individual, entity, or organization has taken the time to develop proficiency and professionalism, as well as technical and or practical expertise via higher level learning and or evaluated experience. Credentials may also certify the holding of a title or position. The reason why credentials are so very important seems obvious, but for the sake of anyone reading this blog, simply stated, credentials are important because at the very least they foster and promote confidence and trust, and help to cultivate and develop faith among people. Confidence and trust are two of the most fundamental principles within commerce, industry, public safety, medicine, faith based organizations or activities, and most every other aspect of modern life.

Social media and internet sites are filled with self-proclaimed gurus, authorities, and subject matter experts (SME’s) who offer their own brand of advice and who proclaim expertise in various areas of life. Are we to take these individuals at face value based on what they say is right, wrong, fact or the truth via a post, or should we decide on our own as an informed people after careful consideration and research? Maybe there should be a vetting or verification process for individuals who profess to hold certain titles or positions, who choose to post information on social media for other than artistic expression, personal – social commentary, or entertainment purposes – a process similar to that which Twitter uses to verify profiles on their network for public figures and celebrities. If this were done, it most likely would increase the credibility of individuals who claim to be experts or professionals, or who pose as authorities or the voice of reason in a given field, and it might also help to discourage insincere or deceptive individuals who offer up creatively expressed verbiage, advice, and commentary as though it were the opinion of a professional, paraprofessional, experienced, or otherwise credentialed individual.

In appreciation to those individuals who undertake the often painstaking process of acquiring higher level education and or training and instruction, or who permit their acquired gift of skill or knowledge to be scrutinized and evaluated, a generous thank you is in order for investing in the trust and confidence of the people.

Can you think of a person or organization that has or is taking the time to build and develop their personal and, or professional credentials? If so, take the time to offer them an expression of gratitude for their endeavors today!

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