Six Improvements That Would Result In The Reduction Of Crime

As violence continues to plague our schools, we have to look more closely at methods and opportunities to reduce crime…

Things that would lead to a reduction in crime:

  1. Increase current, and implement new financial incentives and discounts for the utilization of personal panic alarms, and home alarm systems in private homes, apartments, and businesses.
  2. Create business incentives for security companies to hire an increased number of security officers to respond to alarms. And mandate the entire security industry adopt accredited standards, practices, and certifications for their staff and operations
  3. Revitalize and expand the Drug Resistance Awareness Education (DARE) Program to include broader education awareness of crime that includes awareness of crime in  addition to drug use, and overall education of the criminal justice system
  4. Consolidate real time use of TV and radio media for crime fighting efforts by creating a CSPAN TV and Radio Channel, exclusively for broadcasting information related to crime fighting nationwide
  5. Create a stronger partnership between private citizens, law enforcement and government agencies, and businesses to implement a long term shift in funding from “punishment programs” to “prevention programs”
  6. Expand current victim witness programs by increasing and mandating restitution to crime victims and their families by all individuals convicted of a crime
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