Improving Services for Our Veterans – 6.0 – The Arts as Therapy

I attended a very interesting workshop today. The workshop was sponsored by Patton Veterans Project, Inc. My take on the workshop is that it is geared towards channeling an individual’s energies to express oneself through the art of filmmaking. And the focus of the workshop seemed to be; how we (anyone) can connect with others through the expression of short film.

The attached short film “A Thousand Words” is used as part of the instruction during the workshop. After viewing this excellent short film, it is very easy to understand just how short filmmaking such as this can foster and enhance the way we connect with others, and how the process of connecting with others can help lead to healing. The arts not only serve to entertain, inspire, inform, and challenge, but they also can be very therapeutic in nature for both the artist and the audience. Short film in particular can be a very powerful medium to accomplish these ideals.

Please view “A Thousand Words” and be sure to leave a comment here or on the Patton Veterans Project website to share your thoughts.

Our veterans deserve better… share your stories with me.

Thank a veteran today!


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