Overcast and Windy With a Splash of Color – The Telltale Signs of Autumn

Overcast and Windy – The Telltale Signs of Autumn

On the east coast of the United States, in a location that experiences all four climatic seasons, it is easy to fall in love during autumn, and with autumn itself. The moderate to cool temperatures during this season permit casual evening dates that are both comfortable and carefree. And the burst of color from the changing leaves both commands and inspires excitement.

With such pleasantries to the eye, how could we be anything less than thankful?

Thankful even though as the trees prepare for sleep, and the leaves slowly begin to die we are fortunate enough to experience this annual cycle yet again.

Thankful on this first day of autumn because as we transition from summer to winter we can look back and reflect on the experiences we shared and memories we created this past summer. Memories and experiences that will forever be with us!

And what would this season be without music to commemorate this solemn, yet promising time of year?

On this first day of autumn 2013…be thankful!


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Lifelong Volunteer and Community Servant Musician Actor DJ Social Activist Former Federal LEO (Retired). USA.
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