Improving Services For Our Veterans – 3.0 What Happens When Veterans Lose Their Assigned Veterans Affairs (VA) Doctor?


With the current probe at the VA, This piece will read significantly differently!!!!!

VA Medical Centers are set up to provide services for veterans. Many of these medicals centers house a number of different medical clinics to support the wellness of veterans. There are X-Ray clinics, eye clinics and even pharmacies that dispense medications for veteran-patients. However, whether visiting a public hospital or a hospital medical center operated by the VA, the single individual with the most control over a patient’s care is the (primary care) doctor.

For approximately the past five months hundreds of veterans at the Fayetteville, North Carolina VA Medical Center have been caught in a type of patient limbo in that they have lost their primary care doctor. As a result, no single staff member is currently coordinating the care of these veterans. With each visit to the center these veterans experience a run around routine to access needed medical services. When they approach nurses and other staff members to accomplish the most simple of tasks they are told, ‘since you have no doctor we can’t get this or that done.’ Or they are squeezed into the schedule of another already overburdened doctor.

What’s really interesting is the veterans were never formally notified of the departure of their doctor, and here some five months later they have not been formally reassigned a new doctor. The veterans only learned that their doctor had departed once they visited the center to access services and were told by word of mouth their doctor was no longer on staff. In such cases, these veterans are left to navigate the VA Center on their own as their very own advocate. The veterans express experiencing instances where they go to one department or clinic within the center only to be referred to another department or clinic at the same location. Upon reporting to the location they were referred to, they are left to discover a note on the door informing that the department has moved. The note referrers the veterans back to a desk in the main building at the center, and upon reporting, the desk is observed unstaffed with a phone number left for contact.

The average person would find these type of situations frustrating and somewhat stressful, so imagine how some of the veterans feel after dealing with this type of organizational dysfunction.

At the end of the day we are left with one simple question, and that question is why? Why would this be allowed to continue for so long at this facility? Could it possibly be someone, somewhere is benefitting financially from the departure of this doctor. Will someone be receiving an end of year bonus as a result of a decline in the delivery of services to the veterans who were assigned to this doctor? We are only left to wonder so long as those in leadership and oversight positions permit this kind of situation to continue.

Our veterans deserve better… share your stories about accessing veterans services with me.

Thank a veteran today!


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