Improving Services For Our Veterans – 1.0

The Gratitude Connection

Throughout the history of this country in every military war, conflict, or skirmish, we have relied on the strength, energy, determination, and the inspiration of our young fighting men and woman in the armed forces. As an individual who has never served in the armed forces, I am left only to imagine how extremely difficult it is to serve in combat. The indescribable living conditions, the constant threat of danger, and ever present risk and potential for loss of life are things that I consider acutely unbearable, and unendurable by any human being for very long. Yet, the men and women of our armed forces have been known to endure this for weeks, months, and even years; with not so much as a whimper. Members of our armed forces ask very little, get a lot less, and yet are often times expected to give life limb or eyesight in theā€¦

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Lifelong Volunteer and Community Servant Musician Actor DJ Social Activist Former Federal LEO (Retired). USA.
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