When Was The Last Time You Performed A Self Inventory?


Have you every performed a self-inventory? Not a bucket list or a list of life goals. We are referring to a look within oneself to analyze and evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Strategic planning performed in many companies include the process of a SWOT. And it would appear this process might be beneficial to an individual in his or her personal life as a way of focusing energy and attention on improving ones character, behavior, ethics, conduct, demeanor, understanding and compassion in addition to other positive character traits, as well as skills and abilities. A self-inventory such as this would clearly help to improve an individual’s personal relationships and professional marketability.

To perform a self-inventory using the SWOT method, start with a blank sheet of paper, using a pen or pencil to draw a dividing line vertically and horizontally down the center of the sheet of paper. Label the four boxes that now appear on the paper with the headings strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Write what you believe to be your skills, abilities, and character traits, or the lack thereof in the appropriate box. For example: The ability to type 120 words per minutes might be listed as a strength, but not being able to spell well might be listed as a weakness for one person. Another person might list their recent enrollment in an ethics training course as an opportunity, and their poor attitude as a threat.

The object is to identify clear objects to put into action to mitigate threats and possibly turn them into opportunities, and to develop weaknesses into strengths. Once this is accomplished it will help to focus ones energy and attention on an improved self. There are those who believe this should be done once a year. For more information on SWOT you can simply google it as we have only scratched the surface with this blog post.

Will you perform a self-inventory?


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