Thank You Antoinette Tuff…You Made A Difference!


Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a kind word, or an understanding heart to help a troubled soul get through a difficult spot. In this case, kind words and an understanding heart and the quick thinking of Antoinette Tuff helped to avert a repeat of what occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut back in December 2012.

There could have been a very different outcome to this incident. An outcome with a lot of tears and sorrow. However, thanks to the involvement of the school office worker who spoke up in the face of fear this incident ended with no loss of life. There will be plenty of time for after action reports, recommendations for improved school security, and police tactics, but for now, a simple thank you via a card, a post, or a prayer or a call from the President to Antoinette Tuff makes for a great end to what could have been a tragic week.

How will you convey your gratitude to Ms. Tuff?


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Lifelong Volunteer and Community Servant Musician Actor DJ Social Activist Former Federal LEO (Retired). USA.
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