Take Time to Thank the Nation’s Workers


Are you, a family member, or a friend the member of a labor union? When was the last time you offered up a simple thank you to those who keep our nation moving? Sanitation workers, the UPS delivery person, even the person at the local hardware store who helped you with a home project; a simple thank you conveyed to any of these workers goes a long way towards building better relationships in our world.

Did you know greeting and gratitude cards are one of the best ways to convey a thank you? And did you know a home greeting card business can yield a substantial amount of income for those who wish to work from home?

For more information on a home greeting card business, please watch this video.


And remember to thank our nation’s workers this Labor Day!


About Gratitude Consulting by G

Lifelong Volunteer and Community Servant Musician Actor DJ Social Activist Former Federal LEO (Retired). USA.
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7 Responses to Take Time to Thank the Nation’s Workers

  1. I was part of a Labor Union for 5 years and never received a Thank You card. Would have been nice : )

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